First General Meeting, 
Hamdard Convention Centre, 
New Delhi 19 March 2006

Executive Council
Agenda/points of discussion
Working paper on Education 
Working paper on Economy 
Working paper on Women Welfare 
Working paper on Media 
Press reports 


Adopted on 19 March 2006

This meeting approves the HDI vision finalised in the first preparatory meeting, viz.: WORKING TOGETHER FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY IN INDIA. If further approves the organisation's current emphasis on four areas, i.e., Education, Economy, media and Women welfare.

The meeting also approves the election of the office bearers of HDI by the formal members of the society.

The meeting authorises the office bearers to enlarge membership of the society by coopting new members.

The meeting authorises the office bearers to select patrons of the society who may be beneficial for the mission of the society.

The meeting authorises the office bearers to lay down criterion for staff selection, select required staff and rent an office in Delhi to start with. Upon improvement of the financial resources, regional offices will be opened in other metros according to the society's growing needs.

The meeting authorises the standing committee to allocate funds to each of the four sectors in the light of the available funds and in view of the importance of each sector and in the light of the plans at hand.

The meeting authorises the office bearers to open one or more accounts of the society according to the society's rules.

The meeting authorises the office bearers based in an around Delhi to function as a standing committee to look into the pressing issues of the society which fall outside the powers of the office bearers in their individual capacities, and to take decisions about them.

The meeting requests all members and well-wishers to help mobilise funds and extend all possible assistance in their areas of competence to execute projects of the society.

The meeting also decided to entrust the programme proposed by Mr Iqbal Yousif on capacity building to be implemented by ACEMEU, Mumbai.


Executive Council

as elected on 19 March 2006

(Maulana) Ataur Rahman Qasmi, Delhi

Abdussalam Puthige, Mangalore

E Aboobacker Hassan, Calicut

Hafiz Rashid Choudhury, Guwahati (Vice President)

Maqbool Ahmad Siraj, Bangalore (Secretary, Media)

Mushtaq Ahmad Alig, Delhi (Secretary, Finance)

(Dr) Rahamatullah Abdul Ahad, Mumbai (Secretary, Economy)

(Dr) Safia Amir, Delhi (Secretary, Education)

(Maulana) Salman Husaini Nadwi, Lucknow (President)

Uzma Naheed, Mumbai (Secretary, Women welfare)

(Dr) Zafarul-Islam Khan, Delhi (Secretary General)

New members

as resolved by the meeting of the formal members on 19 March 2006

Mr Maqbool Ahmad Siraj

Mr Saifullah Khalid

Mr Arshad Ajmal

Dr Hanif Lakdawala

Maulana Fazlur Rahman Mujaddidi

Dr Nafis Ahmad

Mr Azim A. Khan Shervani

Ms Fatima Shaikh

Mr Ali Sharif

Prof. P. Koya

Maulana Zeeshan Hedayati